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K1 and KS2
Maths, English, Science, 11+
KS3, KS4 and GCSE
English, Languages, Maths, Sciences, 13+ 


Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

e-tuition - be inspired!
Distance Learning
Eye Exam
Interested Student
Knowledge Skills

Whether you’re looking for Group or 1-on-1 KS1, K2S2, KS3, GCSE or A Level  English, Maths & Science Online Lessons, explore the lessons we offer and see how we can expand your knowledge base by taking you through our fluency pathway. For  tried and tested tutoring call Fluent Tutors.

Confidence Building
Exam Technique

As one of Essex County's most successful online private tutors we have managed to help our students excel. Take advantage of our professional experience and expertise in exam preparation to guide you succeed. Get in touch today and allow us to help you excel

We recognise the potential in every student. With constant support and encouragement let us help you boost your confidence. You will see your test scores and grades consistently rise. Our results speak for themselves 100% of our learners progress. Get in touch today !


message to parents

Do you feel your children are falling behind in their studies? Do you feel that your children are not reaching their full potential for some reason? Or perhaps they are struggling with confidence and exam technique? We know families are looking for tuition solutions that that close knowledge gaps in content and improvement in exam technique for their children. Fluent Tutors are here to provide high-quality online live and face to face tuition solutions. Whether your children are in primary seeking help with Maths and English or they are secondary students seeking to boost their grades we will try to meet their exact needs. We understand that some families have not fully embraced online learning in part due to the way it is conducted, at Fluent we have invested in tools that promote active student engagement and bring life to online teaching. For an in-depth explanation on how our tuition can be beneficial to you, your child and more on how it works, please contact us today!

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