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Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8)

We believe KS3 is fundamentally important as it forms a bridge between primary and GCSE’s. What is learnt in KS3 sets the tone for KS4. It is therefore vitally important that students consolidate their knowledge and are well prepared before they get into KS4. The new KS3 National Curriculum is forward looking and is designed to help children progress beyond the knowledge they acquired in primary school and build foundations ready for GCSE. To make sure our learning objectives are topical and relevant, they are tied to the National Curriculum. 


KS3 tutoring learning outcomes:

  • Develop mastery and a secure understanding of the big ideas (maths, biology, chemistry and physics) in preparation for KS4.

  • Developing the mental aptitude and an accurate mental structure of scientific and mathematical concepts and skills.

  • Apply developed knowledge.

KS3 Science Topics

Chemistry Subject content

1. The particulate nature of matter (Particle model)

2. Atoms, elements and compounds 

3. Periodic table 

4. Pure and impure substances and separating mixtures

5. Chemical Reactions

6. energetics

7. Metals and non-metals 

8. materials

9. Acids and alkalis 

10. Chemical energy

11. Earth, earth resources and atmosphere 

12. Climate 


Biology Subject content

1. Organisms 

2. The skeletal and muscular systems 

3. Cells and organisation 

4. Digestion Nutrition and digestion 

5. Ecosystems and Relationships in an ecosystem (Interdependence) 

6. Plant and human Reproduction 

7. Cellular respiration 

8. Breathing and Gas exchange systems 

9. Photosynthesis 

10. Chromosomes, DNA and genes

11. Inheritance

12. Variation 

13. Evolution 

14. Health 

Physics Subject content

1. Forces

2. Magnetism

3. electromagnets

4. Energy

5. Energy costs

6. Energy transfer

7. Voltage and resistance

8. Current

9. Work

10. Heating and cooling 

11. Waves and Wave effects

12. Wave properties 

13. Sound 

14. Light

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