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Fluent Tutors is a leading and premier online 11+, 13+, KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level English, Maths and Science tuition provider founded in 2017. Fluent Tutors is led by an exceptionally qualified teacher, leader, examiner and trainer.  We introduce the best hand picked tutors with direct teaching and examining experience. We also have a pool of A* Russell Group University Undergraduates who have been fully trained in our methods of delivery and assessment.


We practice the highest standards of tutoring underpinned by evidence-based learning. We enjoy sharing our expertise and enthusiasm with students in a way that inspires and motivates them to enjoy learning. We believe education is not the learning of facts, but rather the training of the mind to think. Our sessions are not designed to make students recipients of knowledge but are carefully crafted to support and guide students to be independent learners responsible for their own learning. We use a variety of methods to assess and continually identify areas for development so that learning is purposeful.

At Fluent we passionately believe that every student can learn when provided with the right tools, environment and tutoring approach. We use purposeful questioning to assess and advance students’ reasoning and in all our lessons we use our tried and tested ITEQAH tutoring approach to make sure that our delivery is consistent. Our study aids have been developed over many years to carefully guide our students.  

We constantly reflect and challenge our current tutoring practice to respond to the needs of our students and to this end we still commit to innovation in resource development and training. We understand that students with a growth mind-set have higher levels of success than those with a fixed mind-set, thus at Fluent Education we cultivate this mind-set by offering activities that challenge expectations and deepen learning. We offer both 1 to 1 and group tutoring online tutoring.


To offer excellent tutoring that is engaging, relevant and student-centred so that our learners can reach their full potential and achieve outstanding academic results.


To develop competent, confident, curious and reflective learners with excellent problem solving and creative thinking skills


We are committed to ensuring that we offer outstanding student - centred tutoring to all our learners. We strive to promote safe, stimulating, inclusive and tolerant environment

Inspirational expertise beyond the classroom.
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