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Why choose us?


Finding the right Tutor for your child can be challenge, but at Fluent we have built a fantastic track record of success, underpinned by many years of professional experience. Fluent is more than an online centre for learning, but more of an online space where your child gains knowledge and life skills to look forward to exams and their future with self-confidence. We are proud of our assessment and selection protocol which ensures the best tutors are hired. Our Founding Director, an expert in teacher training, curriculum development and examinations oversees the tutor recruitment process. He works with the Assistant Director to ensure that the quality of teaching always meets the highest standards. For those studying A levels, we offer specialist advice on UCAS applications and universities. We believe you should consider us because of our focus in giving an education that is right for student, a through tuition process and strong parental involvement right from the start. 



  • Improved test scores with our exam board-aligned curriculum.

  • Improved confidence in exams and in a class setting.

  • Guaranteed results improvement.

  • Small tutorial group sizes.

  • Inspiring and adaptive one to one personalised support.

  • Excellent GCSE and A-Level results.

  • Excellent student feedback.



  • Current, up to date resources matched to exam boards and specifications.

  • In-depth subject content coverage.

  • Ongoing assessments.

  • Dynamic and adaptable learning plan

  • Highly qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic tutors who know how to inspire children, like yours!

  • DBS checked tutors.

  • Strong Safeguarding ethos.



  • Regular parental contact and continuous feedback on progress.

  • A deep understanding of your child’s needs with our initial assessment protocol.

  • Convenient timetabling.

  • Competitive rates you can really afford.

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